Taubman College

George G. Booth Traveling Fellowship

“I believe that Architecture at its best is in reality a tangible expression of our highest social achievements, so I deem it of the utmost importance that this country shall be filled with architects of vision and the highest possible training, that we may be inspired by their ideals and they will surely do us suitable honor by their work. I hope the step I have taken may contribute something to the advancement of the greatest of all arts in America.”

George G. Booth, August 20, 1923


The George G. Booth Traveling Fellowship was first awarded in 1924. It is offered annually by the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and presently carries a stipend of up to $9,000. The fellowship provides the opportunity for a recent alumnus/a to research some special aspect of architecture that requires international travel.


To be eligible for the competition you must be 30 years of age or under before the March 31, 2014 application deadline and have a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan or expect to graduate by August 2014. You are not eligible if you received an M.S. degree from Taubman College and have an M.Arch. degree from another institution.

To Apply

The award is made on the basis of the applicant's academic and professional record (résumé) and submission of a well-documented plan of international study (proposal) detailing research subject matter and how work will be carried out.

Applications should be submitted as a single .pdf file in the following naming format: Last Name.First Name.Booth.2014.pdf

The file should contain the following components in the exact order listed below:

  1. One-page abstract: outlining places to be visited, the approximate period of travel, and projected expenses. Applicants must sign the abstract and include their date of birth, phone number, email, and mailing address.
  2. Proposal: a well-documented plan of international study detailing research subject matter and how work will be carried out.
  3. Sample portfolio of not more than six (6) total 8.5"x11" .pdf pages.
  4. Current CV

Submit the proposal and abstract to:

Submittals must be received electronically by 10am EST on Monday, March 31, 2014.

*** Members of the jury will not be disclosed until the winning proposal is selected.

Requirements, Post-Award

The Booth Fellow is required, within six months following the completion of travel, to submit a written report (hard-copy and electronic versions.) The report will be posted on the college's website and a copy will be kept in the library at the Media Union. The Fellow may also be invited to make a Brown Bag presentation to students and faculty at the College. The Fellow is encouraged to keep a blog of their travels with the option of linking this to the College's website.

Questions? Contact Deniz McGee, taubman-booth-fellowship@umich.edu, 734.615.3845

Booth Fellowship Recipients

Year Fellow, Degree Information Title
2014 James Wilson, M.Arch. '11 HYGGE: The Phenomenology of Danish Social Space
2013 Chris Holzwart, M.Arch.'11 The Evolution of the Architectural Detail and its Embodied Form in Japanese Architecture (Proposal) (PDF 3.9MB)
2012 Ross C. Hoekstra, M.Arch.'09, M.S.'10 Architectural Reenactment: Investigating Architecture's Supporting Roles (PDF 1.1MB)
2011 Mary O'Malley, M.Arch.'10
2010 Sara Blumenstein, M.Arch.'09 Al-Andalus and After
2009 Michael Mitchell, M.Arch.'07 Building the Dutch Coastline: New Approaches to Architecture and Urban Planning Responding to Global Sea Level Rise (PDF 19.9MB)
2009 Claire Sheridan, M.Arch.'09 Rwanda
2008 Caryn Schadegg, M.Arch.'08 Taking Another Look At Place: Nauru
2007 Nicholas Quiring, M.Arch.'07 A sectional study of Bhutanese Dzongs and Inca/Spanish Monuments
2006 Dominique Price,B.S.'98, M.Arch.'00
2005Golnar Adili, M.Arch.'04Tehran
2004Mark Weston, M.Arch.'03Wiring the Gablescape
2003Alexander Briseno, B.S.'96, M.Arch.'01 
2002Gary Wang, B.S.'96, M.Arch.'98The Absence of Chinese Vernacular in Modern Shanghai Architecture
2001 Gretchen Wilkins, M.Arch.'98Housing in Japan
2000Laura Ayers, M.Arch.'97Student Housing: The Live-Learn Community in Great Britain
1999 Paul Warner, B.S.'92, M.Arch./M.Eng.'96Modern Courthouse Design in Europe
1998Nicole Johnson, B.S.'90, M.Arch.'93A Conversation with Sverre Fehn: Three Museums
1997Jesse Adkins, M.Arch.'94The Study of Ecole des Beaux-Arts: A journey into the Analytique (France)
1996Lisa Raskin Kelly, B.S.'90, M.Arch.'92Contemporary Spanish Architecture: Context and Invention
1995Deborah Ann Thom, B.S.'87, M.Arch.'90Scotland’s Early Gothic Revival
1994Laura Lee, M.Arch.'87Architecture and the City: Ten Case Studies in Europe
1993James G. Cooper, M.Arch.'92Concepts of Late Renaissance and Mannerist Architectural Space in Italy
1992Patricia Vanderbeke, B.S.'85, M.Arch.'87Eastern Slovakian Greek Catholic Wooden Churches
1991Suzanne Zukowski, B.S.'86, M.Arch.'88Contemporary Approaches to Housing in Scandinavia and the Netherlands
1990Thomas Savory, M.Arch.'84Cataloguing the Work of Joseph Urban
1989Peter Baldwin, B.S.'85, M.Arch.'88Mario Botta, Swiss Architect
1988John Myefski, B.S.'84, M.Arch.'86Ralph Erskine, Architect
1987John Krasinkiewicz, M.Arch.'86Reima Pietila
1986Robert Arens, B.S.'81, M.Arch.'84Relazione Sal Terrangni: The Roots of Italian Modernism
1985Andrew Amor, B.S.'83, M.Arch.'85Carlo Scarpa
1984Marc Supinger, B.S.'81, M.Arch.'83Alvar Aalto
1983Karen Siefert, B.S.'77, M.Arch.'79Italian Folk Architecture
1982None Given 
1981Kenneth LewandowskiHigh Density Housing and Planned Communities
1980 Brian Brady*, M.Arch.'80Urban Design Aspects of the Northern Italian Medieval City
1979None Given 
1978Thomas Mathison, B.S.'73, M.Arch.'75Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Structures in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and England
1977Amy Glanz, B.S.'75, M.Arch.'77Alvar Aalto
1976Timothy Casai, B.S.'73, M.Arch.'75 
1975Carl Roehling, B.S.'73, M.Arch.'75 
1974Not Offered 
1973Albert Jan Vegter, B.Arch.'66, M.B.A.'67The Business of Architecture in Europe
1972Michael Bednar, B.Arch.'64 
1971Richard Jack Bos, B.Arch.'64 
1970Not Offered 
1969Not Offered 
1968Not Offered 
1967Lawrence Robbins, B.Arch.'61 
1966Keith Brown, B.Arch.'64 
1965A. Frederick Kolflat, B.Arch.'60 
1964Gary Dysert, B.Arch.'60 
1963Kent David Johnson, B.Arch.'61 
1962Zane Anderson, M.Arch.'62 
1961James Van Sweden, B.Arch.'60 
1960Robert John Frasca, B.Arch.'57 
1959Kiyoshi Kikuchi*, B.Arch.'57 
1958Rudolph Horowitz, B.Arch.'58 
1957John David Hilberry, B.Arch.'57 
1956No Information 
1955Phillip John Luth, B.Arch.'52 
1954Not Offered 
1953Edward Hammarskjold, B.Arch.'51 
1952James Livingston, B.A.A.E.'50 
1951Matthias Rudolf Goebel, B.Arch.'51 
1950 Robert Curtis Gaede*, B.A.A.E.'47 
1949Charles Willard Moore*, B.A.A.'47, Hon.D.Arch.'92 
1948John Henry Bickel, Jr., B.A.A.'48 
1947Linn Charles Smith*, B.S.A.A.'42A Summer Restaurant and Handicraft Shop
1942–46None, wartime travel difficulties
1941Arthur Witt Brewer*, B.S.'41A Community Center
1940 William Lyman, Jr.*, B.S.A.A.'39A Youth Hostel
1939Paul Bradley Brown, B.A.A.'37An Aviators’ Club
1938Robert Carroll May, B.S.A.A.'38A Repertory Theatre
1937Ernest Schaible*, B.S.A.A.'37A Recreation Pavilion
1936Frederick Graham, B.S.A.A.'37A Cooperative Center of Architecture and Allied Arts
1933–35No funds available 
1932Malcolm Stirton*, B.S.A.A.'32An Art Club
1931Lome MarshallA Patriotic Memorial Building
1930Jonathan Anton Taylor*, B.S.'29The Administration Building of an Educational Institution
1929Frederick Sevald, Jr.*, B.S.'29A Municipal Boat House
1928Karl Belser*The Home of a Musical Society
1927John Ekin Dinwiddie*A State Historical Commision Building
1926LeRoy Earle KieferA Chamber of Commerce and Convention Hall
1925Kenneth Black*, B.S.'25Technical Society Headquarters of a Large City
1924Marion Blood*, B.S.'24A Municipal Bathing Establishment for Men and Women
1923Ralph Russell Calder* 
* These former Booth Fellows are deceased.