Taubman College


Architecture's agency is dependent on the depth and breadth of its engagement with contemporary culture. Critical cultural immersion provides the basis for meaningful cultural production and is the foundation for the study of architecture at the University of Michigan. Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning is an internationally renowned, culturally diverse, and intellectually dynamic community of students, scholars, and teacher practitioners.

Located in Ann Arbor, a small yet culturally vibrant city, the architecture program has powerful connections to the Great Lakes region, East and West Coasts, and global partners. We also share a deep connection with Detroit, perhaps the most transparent and transforming of American cities, as a working, raw, and an undone city. It is a locus of diverse, vital ethnic neighborhoods, technical innovation, and artistic production with an edge. As such, it provides an exciting challenge to our faculty and students and inspires creative work.

Each year 420 undergraduate and graduate students from around the world work collaboratively with a talented and dedicated faculty comprised of designers, historians, theoreticians, engineers, and research scientists. Their research interests range from the historical to the contemporary and from the material to the speculative and engage contemporary urbanism, diverse histories, constructed meaning, built form, the role of representation, new materials, building performance, developing modes of practice/construction/fabrication, and emerging technologies. They, in turn, are joined by four distinguished visitors each year whose work and expertise fosters constructive debate within the school. Recent visitors include Robert Somol, Aaron Betsky, Michael Sorkin, Larry Scarpa, Gerardo Caballero, Sulan Kolatan, Scott Marble/Karen Fairbanks, Sheila Kennedy/Frano Violich, Stephen Kieran/James Timberlake, and Yung Ho Chang.

An education in architecture is intense, rigorous, intellectually and physically challenging, and immensely rewarding. Join us as we take on the necessary yet fascinating work of the discipline, confront the significant issues of the day, and imagine the next now.