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Bachelor of Science

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning is an internationally renowned, culturally diverse, and intellectually dynamic community of students, scholars, and teacher practitioners. As a Taubman College student, you will be immersed in a curriculum that reinforces analytical and conceptual problem solving skills with interactive studios, lectures, and seminars. Graduates from the Undergraduate Architecture Program receive a pre-professional undergraduate degree in architecture (Bachelor of Science [B.S.]).

Students interested in joining the Undergraduate Architecture Program may apply three different ways: (1)as a freshman; (2) as a cross-campus transfer (after completing two years of coursework at the University of Michigan); (3) or as a new transfer (after completing two years of coursework outside the University of Michigan).

Whether enrolled in Taubman College, another University of Michigan School or College, or at another university entirely, students take a series of preparatory courses (PDF 227KB) in years 1 and 2 (freshmen and sophomore year) to prepare for years 3 and 4 (junior and senior year) at Taubman College.

The objectives of years 1 and 2 are to:

  • Increase ability to understand, evaluate, and communicate ideas.
  • Prepare to make informed decisions regarding their academic and career goals.
  • Provide a broad academic foundation of principles in subject areas considered essential to subsequent study in architecture.

The objectives of the years 3 and 4 are to:

  • Provide a firm foundation in the vocabularies, principles, and interrelationships of a broad range of environmental design determinants essential to professional work in architecture.
  • Establish opportunities to develop basic skills, knowledge, perceptions, and insights in areas related to the built environment.

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