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High School Programs

Michigan Architecture Prep

Michigan Architecture Prep is an innovative and integrated academic and career-focused learning initiative for high school juniors in metropolitan Detroit who are interested in becoming architects and design professionals.

This program offers students a college course for high school credit focused on architecture, design thinking, mathematics and visual art while exposing students to practitioners and professional architecture practices. Students will also receive individualized career counseling that includes workshops on post-secondary education, exploring ways to finance the cost of college, creating a resume and portfolio, and preparing for interviews and presentations.

Michigan Architecture Prep from Taubman College on Vimeo.

ArcStart Pre-Architecture Residential Summer Program for High School Students

ArcStart is a pre-architecture program designed to introduce students to experience the studio intensity of a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture. The program hosts 30 students as a residential program at U-M's Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning in Ann Arbor from July to August. The program is open to U.S. students.

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An Architecture Exploration Program for Detroit High School Students

ArcPlus is an after school integrated architectural exploration and mentoring program designed for highly motivated high school students who have been traditionally under-represented in the field of architecture. It is a unique opportunity for students attending Detroit high schools as juniors and seniors to learn about and explore the possibilities of a career as an architect as well as be matched early in their exploration to mentors in the field.

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