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Master of Science

Master of Science Degree in Architecture

Taubman College's Master of Science (MS) degree is an intensive 2.5-term post-professional academic program with a focus on design research. Master of Science Degree Concentrations include: Design and Health (MS_DH), Digital Technologies (MS_DT), Material Systems (MS_MS), and Conservation (MS_C).

The course of study allows for interdisciplinary skill-building and new knowledge integration in order to advance design expertise beyond the generalist education of a professional degree. With focused subject matter, the program develops participants' dexterities in design thinking and entrepreneurial approaches to design practice.

Grounded in theory, technical and social science research, the academic program culminates with a supervised independent research project that allows each participant to frame problems relevant to their area concentration.

The Master of Science in Architecture capitalizes on the University of Michigan's unique position as a premier research university with over 95 top five ranked departments. The University's scope and breadth across various architecture-related disciplines is integral to the course of study in all concentrations.

Our program is particularly appropriate for graduates with a B.Arch. or M.Arch. professional degrees in architecture (or equivalent degrees in related fields). The MS provides an additional credential that enables its graduates to pursue research and entrepreneurial practices, careers in the academy, or expand architectural practice.

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