Taubman College


The Architecture Program offers students several opportunities to compete for prestigious awards. Undergraduate students submit their best work from their final design studio in the Wallenberg Studio Awards. Winners receive funds from the Raoul Wallenberg Endowment to explore and engage in the culture of the country they visit, exploring architecture and culture, and getting acquainted with the people. The Wallenberg Travel Reports display some students' experiences. In addition, the Burton L. Kampner Memorial Award is presented to the undergraduate student whose final design project is considered to be the most outstanding.

Seven undergraduate students may also submit a portfolio to be considered for the Leonard B. Willeke portfolio competition in the winter term.

Graduate students may win an annual Graduate Thesis Award, as well as an Architecture Program Distinction, which is awarded to students who have combined exceptional academic achievement and leadership thereby making a significant contribution to the stature of the architecture program. Other awards includethe Marian Sarah Parker Memorial Award, Alpha Rho Chi Medal, and AIA Henry Adams Medal and Certificate.

The Booth Traveling Fellowship is offered annually to alumni in order to research some special aspect of architecture that requires international travel.

Doctoral students may receive awards from the Rackham Graduate School, including the Distinguished Dissertation Award.