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Teaching Areas:

  • Real Estate Essentials
  • Public Policy, Finance, Development, Legal, and Brokerage Aspects of Real Estate

With over 35 years of experience as an Ann Arbor area real estate developer and consultant, founder of Peter Allen & Associates in 1975 and University of Michigan educator, Peter Allen is known for his passion to make Ann Arbor one of the best cities in the world. His zeal for Ann Arbor is fueled partly by his direct involvement with his teaching thousands of students the basic tenets of lively downtowns since 1981. His students, who come from around the world, give him a sneak peak into market forces shaping our buildings, downtowns, and "sense of place," essential to quality, people-oriented, "third place" development.

Appointments & Board Memberships: As an adjunct faculty member since 1981 at the University of Michigan and a working real estate professional, Peter has a unique perspective on the complexities of walkable urbanity. Additionally, Peter has chaired or founded numerous local and regional conferences highlighting public policy issues relating to development, multi-model transit options, and the local quality of life.

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