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  • Digital fabrication

Aaron Willette likes his music loud, his coffee black, and his whiskey neat. A design technologist operating out of Ann Arbor, MI, his current investigations examine manufacturing and computation techniques via their intersection with contemporary interpretations of craft and culture. Aaron is a founding partner of Khôra, a design and research practice which acts as a means to explore the practical implications of his interests through writing and professional practice.

He holds a Masters of Science in Architecture, with concentrations in Digital Technologies and Material Systems, from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI); a Bachelors of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology (Boston, MA); and Associate degrees in both Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering. He has attended workshops globally, including the Ghost Research Laboratory in Nova Scotia (2008) and the SVA Products of Design Summer Workshop in Boisbuchet, France (2011).

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