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Teaching Areas:

  • Transportation Planning
  • Land Use Planning
  • Urban Form

Louis Merlin’s research focuses on how to integrate transportation and land use planning to promote greater livability and sustainability. Land use and transportation are two key components of the built environment and interact on multiple scales. The built environments of our cities create access to the set of opportunities we have for living, working, social, and recreational activities. These built environments also have important influences over our quality of life. Compact, multimodal, green, and livable cities offer the possibility of reduced environmental impacts as well as significant quality of life benefits.

He develops appropriate measures for understanding the influence of transportation and land use systems, and he evaluates built environment policy interventions by use of such measures. For example, a working paper employs accessibility measures to evaluate how well transportation and land use have been integrated over time for four major US metro areas - Chicago, Charlotte, Seattle, and St. Louis.

Merlin’s current research interests include accessibility measures, measures of urban form, travel behavior, and self-driving or automated cars.

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