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El Hadi Jazairy awarded special mention for London Organic Skyscraper Competition

CCC: Cloud Culture City, a competition entry developed by El Hadi Jazairy, Assistant Professor of Architecture, was awarded a special mention in the London Organic Skyscraper international competition. The design team includes Jia Weng (M.U.D.'13), Shuqi He (M.U.D.'13), and Yu-Hsiang Lin (M.U.D.'13).

Cloud Culture City explores the skyscraper as the form and program of an urban culture of information by deploying digital technologies and the capital of social networking to spur collaboration opportunities in the city. The project capitalizes on multiple meanings of the term “culture.” On one hand, the term perpetuates its biological significance as the cultivation of bacteria, tissue cells, etc., in an artificial medium containing nutrients, and in conditions suitable for growth. On the other hand, the modern concept of culture, as framed by Samuel von Pufendorf, “refers to all the ways in which human beings overcome their original barbarism, and through artifice, become fully human.”

For more information visit the competition website: http://www.superskyscrapers.com/viewResultslist.asp?sid=50285

Jul 9, 2014

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