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Sutherland and Orozco participate in Bergen International Wood Festival

T. Shan Sutherland (M.Arch.’15) and Luis Orozco (M.Arch.’15) were chosen as one of 22 teams representing 18 countries to participate in the 6th Biennial Bergen International Wood Festival. Bergen International Wood Festival (BIWF) focuses on the use of wood as material, and its constructive, structural and tactile qualities.

In May, Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, hosted an international pavilion design competition in wood. Structures were built by their designers in the medieval town square in the heart of the old city in celebration of the city’s history. Sutherland and Orozco’s design was a pavilion that took its cues from A-frame timber construction, the aesthetic of snow fences from the Norwegian region of Finse, and the curves from boat hulls. For May 2015, they are organizing a biannual competition in construction of experimental spatial structures in wood.

Jun 7, 2014

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