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Incan Stonework Meets the Digital Age in new exhibition by McGee and Matter Design

Assistant Professor of Architecture Wes McGee and his creative team present Round Room—Matter Design and Quarra Stone, an exhibition re-thinking traditional Incan stonework with digital technology. The exhibition opens September 12 at 5:00pm in MIT's Keller Gallery.

Round Room is a translation of the Inca wedge method into a digital process that manifests in the Baroque tradition of the interior model. This mash-up of cultures and times productively reconsiders how we define space—volumetrically. While this project samples knowledge from the Incas, it advances this knowledge by rolling their method into three-dimensional space. The complex figure of Round Room is assembled without the requirement of alignment jigs or formwork. The purpose of this research is to re-inform contemporary practice with the knowledge of the past and to use performative volumetric methods to consider alternative spatial opportunities.

Visit MIT's website for more information on the exhibition.

Sep 11, 2014

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