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Doctoral students and faculty present work at IASS Symposium in Brazil

Architecture Professor Peter von Buelow and doctoral students Anahita Khodadadi, Niloufar Emami, Omid Oliyan, and Azadeh Omidfar presented papers at the Annual Symposium of International Association of Shells and Spatial Structures in Brazil. The event, held from September 15-19th, aims to further knowledge of lightweight structural systems amongst architects, engineers, and builders.

Each member of the group took the stage with their findings. Professor von Buelow presented a paper on “Using Database Storage to Improve Explorative Optimization of Form Critical Structures”, Khodadadi on “Form Exploration and GA-Based Optimization of Lattice Towers Comparing with Shukhov Water Tower”, Emami on “Design of Shading Screens Inspired by Persian Geometry patterns”, and Oliyan on “Performance Oriented Generative Design of Structural Double Skin Facades Inspired by Cell Morphologies”, along with another piece in conjunction with Omidfar, on “Performance-based Design of a Self-Standing Building Skin”.

More information can be found by visiting the IASS website.

Sep 26, 2014

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