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Faculty members Newell and Kaczyski with Taubman students renovate storefront in Detroit

Architecture Assistant Professor Catie Newell and Lecturer Maciej P. Kaczynski led Taubman M.Arch students Anand Amin, Andrew Aulerich, Lauren Bebry, Ashley Goe, Tarlton Long, Justin Mast, Andrew McCarthy, Matt Nickel, Kurt Schleicher, Andrew Stern, Lauren Vasey, Nina Wang, and Brenna Williams in creating a new permanent installation at a vacant storefront, soon to be revived into an artist live-work space. The one-story structure in North Corktown once had a curving glass façade, which had been crudely replaced with concrete block when the students first happened upon the site. The challenge became to make the space more open without making it vulnerable to break-ins. The students responded with a distinctive, perforated metal grating, wrapping the storefront in a distinctive façade of pleated metal triangles.

To learn more about the storefront: click here

Feb 23, 2012

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