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M.S. Digital Technologies student Robert Yuen presents "Points + Clouds: Tactical Hermeneutics," at ACSA 100th Annual Conference

Master of Science in Digital Technologies student Robert Yuen (MArch '11) will present "Points + Clouds: Tactical Hermeneutics" at the ACSA 100th Annual Conference: Digital Aptitudes in Boston, March 1-4, 2012.

"Points + Clouds: Tactical Hermeneutics" operates as a Research Through Tooling methodology, as an explicit vehicle to explore 3D scanning and imaging. Though a DIY culture and hacking an inexpensive gaming device "Kinect," he extends its capacity to re-interpret its uses to capture space through new lens to provoke interrogations and exploration of environments. The project exploits the slippage of the analogue and digital through the medium of points and clouds.

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More than one-third of Taubman College students are using spring break 2012 for experiential learning.

Feb 24, 2012

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