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MArch student Andrew McCarthy tests personal, design and construction strength on Aconcagua climb

MArch candidate Andrew McCarthy built a tent for extreme climates for his thesis project that took him on a trek in western Argentina. McCarthy and his guide, along with nine other climbers began their expedition to the summit of Aconcagua, which means "Stone Sentinel" and is the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, on February 15, 2012. The group had to climb to four camps on the mountain before making a final push to the top of Aconcagua. Despite a 40-foot-tall dust tornado, high icy winds and physical and mental challenges, McCarthy and the remainder of the group reached the top of Aconcagua on March 3, 2012. McCarthy's project began in January, during the first week of the semester, when he told Professor Shaun Jackson that he wanted to build a tent for extreme climates. The project was a collaboration of personal interest, design, construction and testing of built work.

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Mar 19, 2012

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