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Architecture students selected as UM Energy Institute Fellows with research mentorships

Architecture students Jason Liu, Jessica Gerow and Ian Ting will participate in the UM Energy Institute Fellowship Program beginning Spring/summer 2012. Associate Professor Jong-Jin Kim, Associate Professor Geoffrey Thün, and Assistant Professor Lars Junghans will serve as mentors to Gerow, Ting and Liu, respectively. UM Energy Institute (UMEI) in partnership with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), will provide selected undergraduates with a stipend for a 10-week fellowship to work under the supervision of faculty in science, technology, and policy fields related to energy policy, economics and societal impact; carbon-free energy sources; energy storage and utilization; or transportation and fuels. Participating undergraduates will work on the great challenge of meeting the energy needs to our society in a sustainable manner. The UMEI-UROP partnership aims to engage undergraduates who express interest in energy issues and encourage them to advance their education in the field.

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Apr 25, 2012

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