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Assistant Professor Ghosn presents New Geographies 2 at Landscapes of Energy conference in Oslo

Assistant Professor Rania Ghosn spoke on her recent publication New Geographies 2: Landscapes of Energy at the conference "Landscapes of Energy: An Exploration of Physical Landscapes of Energy" at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, May 3-4, 2012. Volume 2 of New Geographies proposes to historicize and materialize the relations of energy and space and, in particular, map some of the physical, social, and representational geographies of oil. By making visible this infrastructure, New Geographies 2: Landscapes of Energy is an invitation to articulate design's environmental agency and its appropriate scales of intervention. The conference "Landscapes of Energy" brings together an international range of educators, researchers, writers, and practitioners in landscape architecture, architecture, archaeology and media arts involved in developing documentations practices in the contemporary landscape and its social, geological, ecological and infrastructural presence.

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May 16, 2012

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