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Institute for the Humanities selects Associate Professor Young as fellow for project “Skirmishes with the MacroPhenomenal"

Associate Professor Jason Young was awarded a 2012-2013 fellowship by the Institute for Humanities for his research project "Skirmishes with the MacroPhenomenal: Letting Go of the City." Young's project aims to desimplify certain ubiquitous phenomena like big-box retail landscapes, strip malls, franchise spaces, gas stations, parking lots, retention ponds and truck stops and other overly familiar situations and spaces that are rarely seen and explored by intellectuals. Conducting research into cultural formations such as these provides an ideal opportunity to challenge and rethink some of the dominant assumptions and ideas that structure scholarship on American urbanism. The Institute for the Humanities awarded fellowships to nine faculty and eight graduate students to support research projects they will pursue during 2012-13.

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May 23, 2012

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