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INUNDATION Research Studio Launch Bangkok-Jakarta Blog and Flickr

Arriving in Jakarta after the first week of their spring studio in Bangkok, Thailand, the INUNDATION research studio – led by Assistant Professor Meredith Miller and Lecturer Etienne Turpin – launched their student research blog and flickr sites to report their field work and preliminary documentation of research sites. Online now are reports from river and canal sites in Bangkok, as well as studio and site visits with StudioMake's new Bangkok office, OMA/ole scheeren's Mahanakhon, Chuta Sinthuphan's office Site-Specific/E.A.T, and site tours with Professor Nilay Mistry and Professor Kerrie Butts of Chulalongkorn University, Professor Chittawadi Chitrahongs of Chulalongkorn University with Chusak Voraphitak, among other research and cultural visits and sites of interest.

With the support of Taubman College, the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, and the International Institute Experiential Learning Fund, on 23 May, the INUNDATION studio heads to Surabuya, in East Java, where they will climb Gunung Bromo - an active volcano that forms part of the Tengger massif - before visiting the Institut Teknologi Bandung, and then returning to begin an intensive, site-driven 3 week design charette with Professor Adam Bobbette of the University of Hong Kong Division of Landscape Architecture, and his students, as well as with colleagues and students from Universitas Indonesia.

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May 23, 2012

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