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Lecturer Turpin lectures on postnatural philosophy in New Orleans

Architecture Lecturer Etienne Turpin lectured on "Conceptual Persona Non Grata: Deleuze's Gratuitous Reading of Bataille," at the 5th Annual Deleuze Studies Conference, held at Tulane University in New Orleans on June 26, 2012. His lecture constructs a rereading of the philosophical problematic of ressentiment and a reassessment of the power of death in Deleuze's philosophy. Turpin, along with Kelly Ladd of York University and Heather Davis of Duke University, also organized the panel presentation, "Postnatural Deleuze: Sensation, Annihilation, and the Ends of Desire." The panel sought to address the current aporia of the affirmative in Deleuze Studies by examining the limits of the body, the resilience of the negative, and the potency of political economic analysis that asks not what a body can do or how it can be read, but how it is distended, exploited, and exterminated.

For more information: deleuze2012.com

Jul 3, 2012

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