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Taubman College Alumni Featured in Huffington Post for Crowd-sourced Detroit Exhibition

Anecdoted City, currently being shown at Salt&Cedar in Detroit's Eastern Market as part of the Detroit Design Festival, was just featured in the Huffington Post. The show is a collaboration between 1/X (made entirely of Taubman College alum*) and Salt&Cedar Letterpress Studio. The show is a crowd-sourced collection of found objects from Detroit. So far the collection has ranged from a hardness tester from the Willow Run B52 bomber factory to a pin from a first punk show in the city to flowers picked on the street.

Scene from the opening of Anecdoted City

The show will run, and we will be accepting contributions, through Sept 29th. On the 29th, the show will culminate with a re-curation of the collection by Rick Prelinger in conjunction with the screening of his film, Lost Dimensions of Detroit, and conversation with Andrew Herscher. The event, Lost&Found Detroit, will take place from 7-11 at Salt&Cedar.

Click here for the article in the Huffington Post.

* 1/X http://www.1ofx.com is a design collaboration made up Taubman College alumni: Sara Dean (MArch '11, MSDR '12), Mary O'Malley (MArch '10), Melinda Rouse (MArch '11, MSDR '12) and Jono Sturt (MArch '11).

Detail from Anecdoted City collection

Sep 27, 2012

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