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Associate Professor Th√ľn to speak at the Facades + Innovation Conference at IIT in Chicago

Associate Professor Geoffrey Thün will present his recent research and discuss its relationship to emerging models of architectural pedagogy at the FACADES + INNOVATION Conference at IIT in Chicago on October 11th-12th.

The conference forms the third installment of a national series of events sponsored by the Architects' Newspaper entitled "Collaboration: The Art and Svience of Facades". Previous events have been held during 2012 in New York City and San Francisco, with the final event in the series taking place at the Illinois Institute of Architecture and Technology.

FACADES + INNOVATION will include diverse voices in the creation of high-performance building enclosures, imparting new perspectives on the opportunities for innovation in the delivery of the building skin. Multiple emergent drivers are forcing a step-change in the performance demands on buildings, and most particularly on the buildings skin. These demands mandate innovative responses ranging from systems and materials design to design of delivery strategies.

Thün's talk will present models of research endeavor that assemble diverse interdisciplinary teams to approach complex questions that link technological and cultural concerns in the pursuit of high performance building systems and discuss the relationships between this form of research to models of practice and pedagogy. He will participate in a panel discussion moderated by Tom Brock (IIT) with Gil Snyder (UMW) and James Doerfler (Cal Poly) specifically charged to discuss questions regarding how increasingly advanced digital and material technologies demanded by practice in the delivery of high performance buildings are being engaged by academia and specifically within the education of an architect.

For more information, visit: facade.archpaper.com/chi2012/meet-the-speakers/

Oct 9, 2012

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