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Architecture Faculty, Students and Graduates Present at ACADIA 2012 Conference in San Francisco, October 18-21

University of Michigan Taubman College faculty, students and graduates will present papers and projects at the ACADIA 2012 Annual Conference, "Synthetic Digital Ecologies" held at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, October 18-21 2012. The ACADIA (Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture) Conference will bring together international designers, researchers and practitioners who are undertaking experimental research and projects that explore the reciprocity and the synergy between the digital and the physical.

All four papers report on recent work funded by the Taubman College Research Through Making Program and/or the University of Michigan Office of the Vice President for Research.

  • Steven Mankouche (Assoc. Prof), Joshua Bard, Matthew Schulte (Lect.): "Digital Steam Bending: Re-Casting Thonet through Digital Techniques" and "Probing the Proto-synthetic Nature of Plaster through Robotic Tooling"
  • Geoffrey Thün (Assoc. Prof.), Kathy Velikov (Asst. Prof.), Wes McGee (Lect.), Lisa Sauvé (MArch 2011): "Design Ecologies for Responsive Environments: Resonant Chamber, an Acoustically Performative System"
  • Wes McGee (Lect.), Catie Newell (Asst. Prof.), Aaron Willette (MS 2013): "Glass Cast: A Reconfigurable Tooling System for Free-form Glass Manufacturing"
  • Glenn Wilcox (Asst Prof.), Anca Trandafirescu (Asst. Prof.): "Cutwork: Robotic Hotwire Foam Cutting for Producing Variable Pre‐Cast Building Units"

For information on the conference see: 2012.acadia.org/

Oct 12, 2012

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