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Assistant Professor Catie Newell’s Work Featured at the School of the Art Institute Chicago

Assistant Professor Catie Newell's work Diptych is currently featured in the show Detroit, USA: Material, Site, Narrative at the Sullivan Galleries of the School of the Art Institute Chicago. Diptych is a sliced metal armature that suspends photographic documentation of Salvaged Landscape and Weatherizing, two of installations by Newell's firm, *Alibi Studio.

Exemplifying Alibi Studio's interest in altering and amplifying existing conditions, the steel armature provides a resonating textural backdrop as well as a second reading for the images, allowing the projects to be read in collaboration with one another as being dependent on the same line of thinking. Cut to sharp points, encouraged to oxidize, and projected out by hand, the material manipulation prompts an alert occupant, seizing an extent beyond its physical boundaries. Simultaneously blending into the wall in a cloud-like haze and puncturing the space with slivers of corroded metal, the manipulation and accumulation of the two finishes, context color match and rust, contributes to Alibi Studio's ongoing investigation of Inhabitable Textures, experimenting with foils that include light/dark, delicate/aggressive, floating/tethered.

The show runs through January 5th.
For more information on the show please visit: SAIC

Oct 18, 2012

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