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Karl Daubmann Delivers Keynote at AIA Colorado Practice and Design Conference

Karl Daubmann, Associate Professor of Architecture at Taubman College will deliver a keynote address during the AIA Colorado Practice and Design Conference this Saturday, November 3rd.

Daubmann's talk, "Excess Efficiencies", will present work from practice that leverages digital design and digital fabrication tools at various scales. While the tendency is for digital work to become more abstract, projects will illustrate the refocused role of materiality in design. Construction, details, and materials are given a voice through design to inform overall forms or assemblies able to be both complex and materially efficient. The relationship between design and tool is an obvious concern, but the relationship between architect and project delivery method or professional practice model will also be explored during his talk.

For more information, visit: aiacolorado.org/events/design_conference.aspx

Nov 2, 2012

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