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Roy Strickland, Professor of Architecture, to lecture on “Architecture and Fashion in Film: Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window”

Roy Strickland, Professor of Architecture, will present the lecture "Architecture and Fashion in Film: Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window" on November 9 at the film department of the State University of New York-Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

The lecture is developed from his Taubman College course, "Architecture and Urbanism in Film" as well as his article, "Background into Foreground: Film as a Medium for Teaching Urban Design," published in the Places Journal "Media and the City" issue for which he served as editor.

Strickland will speak about Hitchcock's meticulous recreation of a Greenwich Village courtyard and its relationship to Edith Head's costume design in support of Rear Window's narrative. The film's architecture and fashion will also be discussed as expressions of 1950s urban life and as forecasts of social conditions in today's American cities, including the rise of the "creative class."

Nov 8, 2012

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