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Assistant Professor McLain Clutter's exhibition American Cities 2.5 opens in Montreal at McGill University

Assistant Professor McLain Clutter, in collaboration with Mark Linder from Syracuse Architecture, has opened an exhibition titled "American Cities 2.5" at the McGill University School of Architecture Gallery in Montreal.

The exhibition features one project by Clutter and Linder, respectively, each utilizing techniques of deploying GIS as a design medium that the two developed together. Clutter's project, "Radical Railbanking, And Scenarios For Detroit" games with the ubiquitous use of commercially produced geodemography in contemporary urbanization. While conventionally applied geodemography often direct development implicating ideologically contentions urban subjectivities, and the repetition of conventional commercial architecture, Clutter's project seeks to manipulate the data in yield of latent urban publics and architectural potentials. The exhibition will be on view at McGill from November 12-30.

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Nov 26, 2012

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