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Part-time Lecturer Turpin Publishes Research on the Political Economy of Model Showrooms in New Book on Toronto Art

As part of a recently released collection of work from and about Toronto's Blackwood Gallery, directed and curated by Christof Migone, Taubman College part-time lecturer and University of Michigan Center for Southeast Asian Studies Research Fellow Dr. Etienne Turpin has published his research on the political economy of the model showroom. The essay "An Archaeology of the Showroom: This Model Society," initiates an archaeology of the showroom, with specific regard to the peculiar space of presentation that contains both the model suite and the model building in relative proximity, as a speculative provocation regarding the presentation space of model domesticity and model urbanism in contemporary mass culture. The intention of this a preliminary investigation is to delimit the role of the model in the political-economic reproduction of our current social reality.

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Dec 21, 2012

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