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Strickland's urban design studio project appears on The Atlantic Cities website

Roy Strickland, Professor of Architecture, published results of his TCAUP urban design studio, "Manhattan 2111," in The Atlantic Cities, theatlanticcities.com/design/2012/12/bold-plan-post-sandy-manhattan/4244/

The studio developed a design and planning concept for Manhattan addressing the global climate changes that recently produced Hurricanes Irene and Sandy. The concept includes waterfront, infrastructure and development proposals that are summarized in the article. The concept, evolved by the studio's architects, urban planners and landscape architects, also suggests that the challenges of climate change afford New York the opportunity to re-envison the city.

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Manhattan 2111
Manhattan Concept – Aerial View. In the face of climate change, Manhattan becomes different from but remains similar to the one today: More accessible to but better protected from the water, denser yet greener, as energetic as ever yet calmer and quieter. ©University of Michigan

Jan 7, 2013

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