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Faculty Nahyun Hwang and David Eugin Moon’s New Public Space Project NJPlatform Opens

NJPlatform is a new public space project in Nam June Paik Art Center in Yong-In, South Korea. The project was designed by U.S. based architectural design and research collaborative N H D M / Nahyun Hwang + David Eugin Moon and opened at the occasion of Nam June Paik's 80th Anniversary celebration “Nostalgia is an Extended Feedback.” The construction of NJPlatform was made possible by City of Yong-In and GyeongGi Cultural Foundation. The project attempts to redefine the role of institutional spaces in the city establishing a new multi-functional public infrastructure in the central space of the Art Center. Challenging the often passive programmatic conventions of museum lobby architecture, NJPlatform, with its "Lobby Case" and "Lobbying Elements," advocates and supports the animated use of the space through active programming and spontaneous engagement. Rethinking the possibilities of the free-of-charge public space and its relationship to art and the city, NJPlatform reconfigures and transforms the museum.

NJPlatform - Lobby

For more information, visit: nhdm.net

Jan 11, 2013

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