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Roy Strickland's urban design studio work focused on revitalizing New York City public housing published in The Atlantic Cities

Roy Strickland, Professor of Architecture, published results of two of his Taubman College urban design studios focused on revitalizing New York City public housing in The Atlantic Cities.

The studios engaged housing projects located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and the Astoria neighborhood of Queens. They addressed the near-universal criticism of public housing's superblock planning and segregation of low-income people by proposing that under-utilized project open spaces be used for new mixed-income housing, work places, schools and public spaces that leverage the projects’ development potential toward the benefit of their residents and surrounding communities. The article presents the concepts as an alternative to the demolition of public housing that has occurred across the United States in cities such as Newark, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

The Atlantic Cities is the web-based urban affairs journal of The Atlantic.

May 17, 2013

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