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Student Projects from the Master of Science in Material Systems to be presented at ACADIA 2013

Master of Science in Material Systems students Tom Bessai and Steven Beites will present work developed within the program at the 2013 ACADIA Conference this coming fall. The Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) is an international network of digital design researchers and professionals. ACADIA facilitates critical investigations into the role of computation in architecture, planning, and building science, encouraging innovation in design creativity, sustainability, and education. The 2013 ACADIA conference will be held at Waterloo Architecture in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on October 24-27, 2013. The event is supported by the research networks of the University of Waterloo, University at Buffalo, SUNY, and the University of Nottingham working in partnership with The London Building Centre Trust.

Steven Beites' paper is entitled "Morphological Behavior of Shape Memory Polymers Towards a Deployable, Adaptive Architecture."

Tom Bessai's paper is entitled "Bending-Active Bundled Structures:  Preliminary Research and Taxonomy Towards an Ultra-Light Weight Architecture of Differentiated Components."

Visit the ACADIA website for more information.

Jun 28, 2013

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