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Inundation 2 spring travel course concludes with celebration

Along with students from Hong Kong University and Universitas Indonesia, Taubman College students in the Inundation 2 spring course presented their collaborative design research to community leaders and residents of Muara Baru, Jakarta. With over 10,000 residents, Muara Baru is an informal settlement that the government has slated for imminent eviction due to its adjacency to Waduk Pluit, a reservoir within the city's overburdened flood mitigation system.


Organized by Taubman College Faculty Meredith Miller and Etienne Turpin, with Adam Bobbette of Hong Kong University and Herlily of Universitas Indonesia, the Inundation 2 workshop focused on the crucial role of the kampung within Jakarta. Six interdisciplinary student teams mapped the social, economic, and environmental relations of the residents with regard to six resource networks, such as electricity, food, water, and building materials. The Urban Poor Consortium/JMRK, an advocacy group actively working to secure housing rights for the kampung residents, provided advice and support for the project.


Marking the conclusion of this three-week long intensive study, the celebration on Muara Baru Road featured a live dangdut band and local snacks.

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Jul 3, 2013

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