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Work by Faculty Wes McGee, Geoffrey Thün and Kathy Velikov in New Book on Performative Materials

"Performative Materials in Architecture and Design addresses the convergence of several significant and fundamental advancements in the ways that materials and environments are designed, evaluated, and experienced within architecture and related disciplines. The emergence of experimental and ultra-performing materials, interactive processing systems, and digital design and fabrication techniques has established an interconnected network of technological inputs that has stimulated the development of materials, assemblies, and systems with performative properties. Providing an overview of representative design projects and relevant theories, this volume illuminates both the interaction of these technologies and the role of materiality in research, design, and practice."

This new book, edited by Rashida Ng and Sneha Patel and published by Intellect, includes an interview and work by Assistant Professor and FABLab director Wes McGee, where he discusses the expanded realm of architecture's interface with robotic fabrication, custom software protocols and a new approach to research and practice that is founded in making, testing and experimentation with advanced tools and materials.

The book also features "The Stratus Project", a recent prototype based research project by Associate Professor Geoffrey Thün and Assistant Professor Kathy Velikov for a into kinetic, environmentally-responsive interior envelope system. This project was funded through the Taubman College Research Through Making program and also received and OVPR Small Projects Grant.

Performative Materials in Architecture and Design can be purchased online.

Sep 3, 2013

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