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MONU Magazine Publishes Hannah Hunt Moeller's 'Life on the Edge: Peri-Urban Borders of the Greater Urban Milieu'

MONU, Magazine on Urbanism, recently released its newest issue, featuring a variety of articles dealing with the theme of "Greater Urbanism", the complex phenomenon of the growth of ambiguously defined metropolitan zones. MONU #19 features articles from a variety of distinguished contributors, including Taubman College alumnus, Hannah Hunt Moeller (B.S.'12, M.S.'13).

Moeller's essay, Life on the Edge: Peri-Urban Borders of the Greater Urban Milieu, focuses on Peri-urban settlement patterns in Bolivian cities and how "the very lack of defined spatial boundaries enables self-determination."

The work has had a global life and appreciation, from initial research in her University of Michigan master's program to its refinement in a French Capstone course, to its presentation at the "Le Vie die Mercanti, XI International Conference on Heritage, Architecture & LanDesign" in Capri, Italy.

Oct 24, 2013

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