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Filippelli wins Workplace of the Future design competition

Joesph Filippelli, Taubman alumnus (M.Arch.'13), recently won the Workplace of the Future Design Competition with his entry, Vertical Flux. The contest, presented by Metropolis Magazine and Business Interiors by Staples, challenged entrants with a question of workplace mobility: "How do you create some kind of a container for this mobility that’s a paradigm for place—even when you're wireless and in the cloud?" Filipelli’s Flux best addressed that difficulty, choosing to “offer the office’s imagined occupants the widest range of possibilities…baked in a continuum of environments…adjacent to each other, like the pavilions of a botanical garden.” As a result, his building flows from floor to floor, evaporating the strict demarcations of levels and embracing the mobility of the modern workplace.

Filippelli's idea evolved from his master's thesis project – under the guidance of assistant professor Jennifer Maigret – which asserted that the advent of inoperable windows and standardized temperature robbed the workplace of its individuality; standardization of the atmospheric environment had a trickle-down effect on the workplace habitat. The interconnected, fluid variety of his office structure is a natural evolution of that thesis.

Visit Metropolismag for details on the submission and for more information on the Workplace of the Future Design Competition.

Nov 30, 2013

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