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Abrahamson to speak at Harvard GSD symposium

Michael Abrahamson, a Ph.D student in Architecture history and theory has been invited to speak at “What Criticism?” a symposium to be held on Friday, February 14 at the Harvard GSD.

Abrahamson will be speaking on a panel which will explore the possibilities of using [even that same] media to consolidate a collective critical culture. The topic, titled “Dissemination vs. Cultivation,” is described as, "The exacerbation of the media in all of its formats, the hysterical publishing industry era after Bruce Mau and OMA's S,M,L,XL, as well as the appearance of new ways of communication and social networking, seem to have generated in some circles the tricky idea of the louder, the better. The "cool stuff" written, proclaimed and exhibited can sometimes be pure intellectual entertainment."

Visit the the "What Criticism?" event page for more information.

Feb 1, 2014

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