Taubman College


The Urban and Regional Planning Program offers two degrees: a professional master of urban planning (M.U.P.) and a Ph.D. in urban and regional planning.

The urban planning profession is concerned with the human and physical environments of cities and regions. A primary goal of the profession is to improve the quality of life in places—whether neighborhoods, cities, metropolitan regions, rural settlements, or larger regions—anywhere in the world. In pursuing this goal, graduate students acquire knowledge in these areas:

  1. An understanding of cities and regions, including the interrelationship between their social, economic, and political systems and their spatial patterns.
  2. An awareness of the techniques for analyzing cities and regions and for developing plans and programs for their future.
  3. The formulation of future development policies, especially as the process involves identifying problems, establishing objectives, generating and evaluating alternative plans, and implementing them.

Information about the educational and research opportunities within the field of urban and regional planning.