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Seven Proposals for Buckeye History's Future in the North End Envision Willow Run
Let's Roll: Reimagining Transit on Washtenaw Avenue Vertical Cities Asia: "Everyone Ages" LEAP Forward: Advancing LEAP's Land Use Goals
Bawas Peligro Blight on the Block: A Resident's Guide to Reducing Blight Ever Green: An Enduring System of Parks and Greenways in Detroit
Green Building and Climate Resilience Building Better Blocks: Transforming Detroit's CDBG Subrecipient System Flipping the Switch: Establishing the Urban Alternatives House
From Revenue to Reuse: Managing Tax-Reverted Properties in Detroit Southwest Detroit Brownfield Prioritization Project: Identifing Brownfields That Threaten Public Safety Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision: Wind Energy Feasibility Study
Focus on the Future: A Plan for the HOPE Village Initiative Area Paving the Way: Linking Southwest Detroit to Infrastructure Jobs Vacant to Viable: Strategies for Addressing Commercial Corridors in Detroit
Adversity to Advantage: New Vacant Land Uses in Flint An Assessment for the Genesee County Land Bank's Rental Housing Program 2005-2008 Building a Community-Based Sustainable Food System
Filling in the Gaps: A Plan for Vacant Properties in Osborn Growing Stronger Maintaining High-Quality Housing for a Predominantly Renter Community
Reclaiming the Neighborhood: Addressing Vacant Homes in Mott Park A Land Use Plan for Brightmoor Breathing Easier in Southwest Detroit
Brightmoor: A Market Analysis Bringing Vision into Focus: A Simple and Pragmatic Commercial Redevelopment Strategy for Brightmoor In Business – In Brighmoor
Market Analysis of Brightmoor Social Capital and Community Directed Change: A Plan for Brightmoor A Local Response to the Detroit River International Crossing
Across Grandview Parkway Genesee County Land Bank Side Lot Transfer Program Evaluation Community Land Trust Performance in Different Housing Markets
Methods for Planning the Great Lakes MegaRegion Planning Detroit's Conner Creek Greenway: Attracting Eastside Neighbors Planning for Detroit's Tax-Reverted Properties: Possibilities for the Wayne County Land Bank
Through a Wider Lens: Re-envisioning the Great Lakes MegaRegion    

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