Taubman College


Taubman College produces a diverse array of publications intended to stimulate discourse across the disciplines of architecture, planning, and urban design. From annual journals, periodic papers, and occasional special books, publications at Taubman College serve as a lasting record of the work, activities, and conversations at the college.

The college also publishes the Michigan Architecture Papers, an award-winning book series that records the work of important architects and designers who have visited the college. Agora, Taubman College's planning journal, is a publication of student work from the Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Design, and Real Estate Certificate Programs and seeks to explore and challenge issues related to planning in the good-natured spirit of a “marketplace of ideas.” Dimensions, the annual, student-produced journal of architecture, is a sideways glance into the design studio and the collective activities of design, criticism, and research. Portico, is published two times annually for alumni and friends of the college and reports on college news, activities, and alumni updates.