Taubman College


The M.U.D. Program welcomes applications from mature, talented, intellectually aggressive, and critical individuals holding professional degrees in architecture, urban planning, and/or landscape architecture. Applicants should be prepared for an intensive academic environment emphasizing both individual and group work. Given the program's international student body, candidates should be curious about and open to diverse insights into culture and urbanism and committed to communicating and interpreting ideas across national differences. Candidates should also be open to discussing themes of politics, culture, class, race, and gender as they relate to urban design, and to testing assumptions about these issues in light of the history, theory, and practice of urban design. (Because conversation and debate is central to the M.U.D. Program, candidates whose first language is not English should be prepared to focus on developing their English verbal and writing skills to extract full value from the program.) Finally, whether they are from architecture, landscape architecture, or urban planning, candidates may find it necessary to deconstruct their ways of thinking toward reconstructing themselves as urban designers.

Graduate Admissions Eligibility

Applicants to the Master of Urban Design (M.U.D.) degree program, applications should already possess one (or more) of the following degrees:

  1. 5-year Bachelor of Architecture
  2. 5-year Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  3. Master of Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture, Master of Urban Planning, or their international equivalent.

Applicants must show evidence of understanding, aptitude, and achievement in the design of the physical environment, as well as an interest and a commitment to urbanism. Professional design experience will be view favorably.

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