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Architecture students prepare exhibition for UnSmoke Systems Artspace

Fountain, an exhibition from Brian Barber, 3G thesis student, and Patrick O’Rorke will appear in Braddock, Pennsylvania’s UnSmoke Systems Artspace on October 11th.

The project explores the studio practices of both Barber and O’Rorke, two designers with similar influences and approaches, as they endeavor to explore form via the processes of making and destroying. The resulting exhibition features a series of objects, ranging from the handmade and the machine-built to the two-dimensional and the digitized, and many in-between.

Unsmoke Systems Artspace is project of Braddock Redux seeking to generate inventive new uses for urban space, a goal that takes a special significance in the beleaguered but resilient small town. More information on Fountain, running from October 11th-26th, and the Unsmoke Systems Artspace can be found here.

Oct 8, 2014

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