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Master of Urban Design

The Master of Urban Design (M.U.D.) advanced post-professional degree in architecture exposes students to the variety and complexities of processes of urbanization in cities, megacities, and metropolitan regions in a global context. With the city as the primary object of study, what distinguishes urbanism and urban design from other allied disciplines is the insistence upon the centrality of design and aesthetics as both an instrumental and critical prism from which to gauge the functionality and utility of analyses of existing conditions as well as prospective visions for the city. The degree utilizes faculty in the programs in architecture and urban planning (with expertise related to urban design). M.U.D. studios focus on a single city / metropolitan region – Mexico City DF (2014-2015), and include travel each semester to the selected city. Required lecture and seminar courses expose students to contemporary practices, histories, theories and methodologies of urban design. Open electives allow for deeper engagement with subject matter of interest to individual students.

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