Taubman College

Awards & Publications

Since the M.U.D. Program's inception in 2001, its students and alumni have been leaders or members of award-winning urban design teams and have written for books and journals. This work often grows directly from design and research begun in the program and strongly positions them in both the professional and academic spheres.


ULI/Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition for Seattle WA
Michel Banna (M.U.D. '11), Aditya Inamdar (M.U.D. '11), Amir Hajrasouliha (M.U.D. '11), Design Team Members

UWRWA Watershed Stewardship Award for Excellence in Sustainable Design or Construction
St. Clair Place Indianapolis Urban Revitalization Project
Joshua Anderson (MUD. '08), Lead Landscape Architect

Washington Monument Grounds International Competition
Daren Crabill (M.U.D. '09), Design Team Member, BCRA

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant
Lynette Boswell (M.U.D. '04)

International Competition for Building in Conflict: An Islamic Center in Zurich, Switzerland
First Prize
Nubras Samayeen (M.U.D./M.Arch. '03)

International Competition for School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, India
First Prize
Mukul Arora (M.U.D. '02), Principal, DADA Architects

International Competition for Taiwan National Gateway
First Prize
Kan U Lo (M.U.D. '07), Principal, Original Design Studio

AIA/California Council Merit Award for Urban Design
Glendale Downtown Specific Plan
Stephanie Leedom (M.U.D. '04), Design Team Member, Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership

Best Analytical Presentation, ESRI International User Conference
Environmental Constraints and Development Suitability Model for Los Angeles
Hwa Saup Lee (M.U.D./M.U.P. '02), Project Leader, Department of Regional Planning, County of Los Angeles

ULI/Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition for Dallas, TX
Michael Johnson (M.U.D. '08), Sarfaraz Momin (M.U.D. '08), Design Team Members

ULI/Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition for Los Angeles CA
Honorable Mention
Jae Seung Lee (M.U.D./M.Arch. '07), Design Team Member

Trichy Airport, Tamil Nadu, India Competition
First Prize
Nishant Panjiyar (M.U.D. '06), Project Architect

Royal Institute of British Architects/Autodesk Build a Sustainable World Urban Design Competition
Third Place
Michael Tweed (M.U.D. '05), Design Team Member

Transportation Riders United, Detroit Transit-Oriented Neighborhood Design Competition
Second Place
Claire Vlach (M.U.D./M.U.P. '07), Designer

U.S. Green Building Council Competition for Town of Greenbelt, Maryland
Second Place
Nubras Samayeen (M.U.D./M.Arch. '03), Design Team Member


StreetSense: www.street-sense.org
Atul Sharma, (M.U.D. '05), Creator/Editor

By Community or Design? Age-Restricted Neighborhoods, Physical Design and Baby Boomers' Local Travel Behavior in Suburban Boston, USA
Urban Studies Journal
Jae Seung Lee M.U.D./M.Arch '07), Co-Author

Michigan Modern: The Creation of the Detroit Civic Center
Michigan History Magazine
Robert Cameron (M.U.D. '07)

The Impact of Urban Design Elements on the Successes and Failures of Modern Multi-Family Housing
Design Principles and Practices Journal
Jaeseung Lee, Author

Urban Landscape: The Cellular Wave
Star Weekend Magazine, Dhaka
Nubras Samayeen (M.U.D./M.Arch. '07), Author

New York Streets that Aged with Time
Seoul, Korea: Sigongart Press, 2008
Jae Seung Lee (M.U.D./M.Arch. '07), Author

British Urban Regeneration Association
Conrad Kickert (MUD '06), Contributor